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Another Kallesøe in the company

Jens Kallesoe_start

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce Jens Kallesøe as a new Sales Manager at Kallesoe Machinery.

Jens Kallesøe, who is the eldest son of Bruno Kallesoe, CSO of Kallesoe Machinery, has previously worked at Kallesoe as a technical mechanic, but in 2007, he decided to get his Engineer degree from Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering. After the studies, he got a position as Project Manager at Advansor, which he developed over the years.

Jens have more than 8 years’ experience within Sales management and business development from his previous position as Sales & Project Director at Advansor AS. He helped grow the company from 25 employees to 185 over 6 years and to generate a turnover growth from € 12 mio. to € 50 mio. in the same period.      

“It was probably already decided that one day I should return to Kallesoe Machinery. However, it was also important for me to get some experience from other companies than Kallesoe. Now I look forward to returning to the family business Kallesoe, and I will definitely be able to exploit some of this experience gained over the last years, in order to help further develop Kallesoe Machinery and its products.”

We wish Jens Kallesøe a great welcome to Kallesoe Machinery and are pleased that he is now part of the company!



Bjarne Andersen new CEO at Kallesoe Machinery

18.04_Bjarne Andersen

We are pleased to announce that Bjarne Andersen is appointed CEO at Kallesoe Machinery. Kallesoe Machinery has experienced a great progress the last couple of years and the company’s export is constantly expanding. We are convinced that Bjarne Andersen will become an important part of Kallesoe Machinery’s future growth.

Bjarne Andersen has many years of management experience, recently at VTI, Vinderup Træindustri A/S and Dansk Kvarts Industri A/S, - and having been a member of Kallesoe Machinery’s board for several years, his knowledge from within the company is already comprehensive. 

"I am looking forward to join Kallesoe Machinery in its positive development and to make sure that our customers always are equipped to take the lead” says Bjarne Andersen.

By this new constellation, Bruno Kallesøe will have the opportunity to give his core competencies: sales of high-tech press systems for the wood industry his full attention.

"We are pleased to have Bjarne on board, and we expect both employees, business partners and customers to experience a positive effect from this constellation," says Bruno Kallesøe, now titled CSO - Chief Sales Officer. 

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