Advanced machinery for the renewable energy industry  

For several years, Kallesoe Machinery has been a trusted partner to the renewable energy industry. We are proud of having designed, constructed and manufactured innovative machinery and equipment that are part of bringing sustainability forward.

Our cooperation with some of the leading companies within the renewable energy industry demonstrates our flair for innovation and our ability to meet strict project requirements. At the same time, it emphasizes our ability to keep within complex project planning.                            

A trusted partner for your business

Is your company about to initiate a development process? And are you in need of a trusted partner? At Kallesoe Machinery, we have several years of experience working with companies that trust us to keep information confidential. They trust us to manage their equipment accurately and professionally. We have to earn that trust by acting responsible and loyal each day. In everything we do, we value what’s right for our customers. 

For the renewable energy industry, we have designed, constructed and manufactured: 

  • Winding equipment
  • Demoulding equipment
  • Advanced processing equipment
  • Weighing equipment
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Handling and lifting systems
  • Moulds for shells

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