Press line for multiply panels

The hot-oil press from Kallesoe Machinery can produce single layer, cross laminated 3-layer and multiply solid wood panels for use in interior fittings, furniture making and structural wood construction work.



(7,5 time): 600 m– 1500 m

Hot-oil press line

The line is characterized by its high speed and by the fully automatic glue application and pressing cycle, reducing the number of operators necessary.

The line includes an infeed system for lengthwise and crosswise lamellas, a lay-up system with vacuum gantry, a (double) glue system and a hot-oil press. The system is completed with an optimization (repair) area with panel turner and an automatic stacker unit.

The line can achieve higher capacity by replacing the hot-oil press with a high frequency press.


The following presents three specific details of the press plant, details as to ensure the best and fastest handling of the panels:

Varmolie_image 1

On this system, the lay-up of lengthwise as well as transverse lamellas takes place manually as a starting point, but just like the rest of the production line it can be automated.

The automatic process ensures that the lamellas are laid-up in the desired number of layers before being led into the press. The lengthwise lamellas are edge glued before being lifted onto the feeding table in front of the press by means of a vacuum gantry. A glue unit (“curtain gluer”) on this feeding table applies glue between each lamella layer.

The illustrated production line is prepared for the handling of pre-glued transverse lamellas which are fed into the vacuum gantry automatically, resulting in operators made available for other purposes.

Varmolie_image 2

Using a hot oil press, working temperatures of 150° C can be achieved in order to accelerate the hardening of the boards up to 60 mm in thickness.
The heat is provided by an external hot oil system that is connected to the press by means of a stand-alone heating device with heat exchangers and circulation pumps. The oil circulates through maze pathways in the press plates, ensuring a uniform heat distribution in the plates.

In the press, a steel belt transports the wood forward. The steel belt is highly resistant to the high temperatures and is ideal for all types of adhesives.
Pressing time depends on the type of adhesive, the thickness of the panels and the number of layers in the panels.

Varmolie_image 3

When the panels have cured in the press they are led on to a repair station that turns the panels so that repair works can be made easily and smoothly.

The panels are led to the board stacker type KA5 automatically. The KA5 stacks the panels by means of steel arm lifting the wood onto a pallet.
The wood is aligned before being stacked.


We always design the plant so that it fits exactly to your products and wishes.

varmolieplade m maal_GB

The illustration shows the possible minimum and maximum dimensions of the final product, but special customer demands can be implemented.

Accessory equipment

Kallesoe Machinery has many suggestions for strengthening the hot oil press line. Contact us and we will put together a solution that fits your products and your needs.

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