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The glue application system KL80 from Kallesoe Machinery is designed for gluing and laying-up laminated boards and glulam in one and the same machine, which provides flexibility in the product range. The glue can be applied to the top of the lamellas (by means of a glue nozzle) or to the side of the lamellas (by means of a glue roller). This means that simple changes of the machine settings quickly adapt your production to a different product.

The glue application system KL80 is part of the Duo press line, see more here.

Watch a video of the equipment here.


The following presents three specific details of the equipment, details as to ensure the fastest glue application and lay-up of the wood.

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Push-in device

When using fully automatic lamella feeding, the lamellas are typically led from a sorting system, a planer or a destacker to the lay-up table in front of the glue applicator.

The glue application is done as follows: A push-in device pushes each lamella into the glue applicator. This device is servo controlled to ensure that the push-in device synchronizes completely with the subsequent cross conveying of the lamellas.

KL80_image 2

Glue application

When the lamella passes the glue applicator it is

1. during board production, pulled past a vertical, grooved roller applying glue on one side of the lamella. A photocell automatically controls the glue supply to the glue vessel.

2. during beam production, pulled under a glue nozzle that applies glue to the surface of the lamella. The start and stop time of the nozzle is controlled electronically, keeping the glue waste to a minimum.

KL80_image 3

Cross conveying and feeding table

After the glue application, the lamellas are led to the feeding conveyor.

The lamellas for board production (which are glued on the side) are cross-led and packed to a batch before being lowered onto the feeding table in front of the press.

The lamellas for beam production (which are glued on top) are set up on edge one by one (90 degrees) before being gathered in a batch and lowered onto the feeding table.

When the feeding table is filled, the batches are fed into the press.

Specifications of a lamella


Glue application speed: 70 - 200 m/min

Minimum and maximum length, width and height of the lamellas are as illustrated - but we can manufacture the system to fit exactly to your products and wishes.

Please contact us and we will put together a solution that fits your products and your needs.

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