LHF press line for glulam production

The Kallesoe high frequency equipment for the production of glulam is a particularly efficient production line capable of operating with very short pressing times for highest output.

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7.5 hours: 60 m³ - 180 m³

LHF press line

The Kallesoe high frequency (radio frequency) equipment for the production of glulam is a particularly effi cient production line capable of operating with very short pressing times for highest output.

The high frequency line can be individually adapted and will typically, as illustrated above, consist of a double roller conveyor, a lay-up system with cross conveying and setting-up device and a high frequency press with infeed and outlet tables.

This production line offers you the most efficient and reliable high frequency system on today’s market, ideal for the production of glulam beams of up to 27 meters length. 
Read more about the Vario press here - the flexible version of the LHF press, particularly suitable for an order-based production.

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Kallesoe Machinery's high frequency plant has been designed to achieve the highest reliability and speed. The following presents three specific details of the press plant, details as to ensure the best and fastest cross conveying, laying-up and pressing of the wood.

Billede 1 Hf Rullebord

The line is fed by a high speed dual roller conveyor, allowing the lamellas to be conveyed to the lay-up system at a quick pace. The lamellas are cross conveyed in two steps, in order to prevent collision during transport.

Leaving the roller conveyors, the lamellas are cross conveyed to the lay-up device, either directly or onto intermediate chain conveyors between.

After the cross conveying, the glued lamellas are raised on edge, straightened and joined together on a belt conveyor where they are effi ciently held in place, while subsequent lamellas are added.
When the charge is completed it is led to the inlet conveyor

Billede 2 Hf Oplaeggersystem

The inlet conveyor in front of the HF/RF-press is equipped with side supports to prevent the lamellas (short lamellas especially) from overturning during transport into the press.
The complete press line is automatically controlled by a central control system in which all data from the glue application and pressing processes are collected and saved.

The press construction is sturdy and strongly built and equipped with a high-performance and reliable high frequency generator, ensuring a rapid curing of the glue.

Billede 3 Hf Presse

In order to optimize the production line further to an order-based production, the press can be manufactured with semi-automatic setting of the press height enabling different products to be pressed in rapid succession, and with side pressure widths from 1280 mm and down to 240 mm, so that single and few beams can be produced by themselves according to order.
Flexibility is the keyword.

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LHF press_maal_GB

The illustration shows the possible minimum and maximum dimensions of the final product, but special customer demands can be implemented. 

Accessory equipment

Kallesoe Machinery has many suggestions for strengthening the high frequency plant. Contact us and we will put together a solution that fits your products and your needs.

Before the plant, the following can be placed (examples):

Vacuum Gantry

The Kallesoe Machinery vacuum feeder/vacuum stacker type KVS2 is a quick and flexible stacker designed for the feeding and stacking of lamellas, work pieces and boards in connection with all forms of wood working equipment. The vacuum gantry is equipped with double … Vacuum Gantry
Vacuum Gantry

Sorting Equipment

This automatic sorting equipment is specially designed to be placed in front of a section press plant or a high frequency plant. The equipment in the photo is sorting lamellas into up to four grades. In addition to this there is a fifth magazine for manual feeding and … Sorting Equipment
Sorting Equipment

After the plant, the following can be placed (examples):

Work piece Stacker

The Kallesoe Machinery work piece stacker type KA6 is a compact and flexible stacker especially developed for handling many different board sizes. In addition the stacker can put spacers between the layers. The work pieces to be stacked are automatically led into the… Work piece Stacker
Work piece Stacker


Kallesoe Machinery manufactures a large number of conveyors all of which are selected and optimized to carry out a specific task in the production process. The following presents the four different types of conveyors used in Kallesoe Machinery’s plants. Conveyors can … Conveyors
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Two storey high frequency glulam plant

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