Frame Presses

Frame Press Type R20h

Rammepresse R20h

  • Simple and rational electro-hydraulic frame press

  • Automatic change over to new measures

  • Quick and exact change-over with a speed of up to 7,5 m/min

  • Comfortable working height when handling small as well as large frames

  • Sophisticated PLC-controls with possible on-line support

Kallesoe Machinery´s electro-hydraulic frame press R20h is an advanced and strong press especially efficient for the pressing of window frames and casings. Change-over to new measures is done by gear motors.

The frame press leans backwards 10°, giving a comfortable weight distribution when taking out the finished frames. The standard version of the press is equipped with 3 vertical and 2 horizontal pressing sections. The stroke of the hydraulic cylinders is 150 mm. All beams are planed and surface ground, and brass or cast iron is fitted onto all sliding surfaces.

Height adjustment is done quickly and silently by means of precision spindles driven by the same gear motor. This system ensures that the angles are adjusted correctly at any frame sizes. The adjustment can be extended to be synchronous towards the center of the machine, ensuring a comfortable working height for all frame sizes.

The width setting is done from the right hand side to the fixed retainer at the left hand side. The retainers and the vertical beam at the left hand side are adjustable to achieve right angles. A pneumatic cylinder secures the beam with the horizontal pressing cylinders to two horizontal tooth bars, safely and precisely.

The hydraulic system is strongly built with a sturdy pumping station yielding a clamping pressure of 1800 kp/cylinder at 160 bar. The clamping pressure can be adjusted separately for each set of pressing cylinders.


Specifications R20h

2500 x 3500 mm

3000 x 4500 mm


Pressing width: min./max.

620*/3500 mm

620*/4500 mm


Pressing height: min./max.

340/2500 mm

340/3000 mm


Outside measures, H x L x W

3000 x 4100 x 1200 mm       

3400 x 5100 x 1200 mm



1800 kg

2600 kg






Clamping pressure at 160 bar       

1800 kp/cylinder



Cylinder stroke

150 mm



Speed at height adjustment

350 mm/min.



Speed at width adjustment

7500 mm/min.



Pressing cycle

12 sec. + pressing time




3 x 380 V + N + GR.




16 A.


*Min. 350 mm when equipped with special spacers.


Frame Presses Type R16h - R17h

Rammepresse R16 2 495X426

  • Simple and sturdy hydraulic frame press

  • Easy and quick setting of new pressing measures

  • Separate setting of pressure for vertical and horizontal pressing cylinders

  • Automatic pressing cycle possible

Kallesoe Machinery's hydraulic frame presses R16h and R17h are sturdy and strong presses equipped with 3 vertical and 2 horizontal pressing sections in the standard edition. The hydraulic cylinders have a stroke of 100 mm and yield a clamping of 1050 kp at 110 bar.

All pressing beams, beds, retainers and pressing shoes are planed and surface ground. All pressing beams are suspended on easy rolling ball bearings and the upper cylinder brackets are fitted with counterweights to ensure an easy and quick adjusting to new pressing measures. The retainers at the bottom of the pressing beams can be locked in 4 different positions to ensure a comfortable working level for all frame sizes.

The hydraulic system is strongly built and fitted with a reliable pumping station. The clamping pressure for vertical and horizontal pressing cylinders can be set separately by means of pressure sensitive switches

Accessory equipment
The frame press can be delivered with extra pressing sections, other pressing measures and a different pressure if needed.
It is also possible to deliver the press with a tilting device making the assembly of large and heavy frames easier.






Pressing length, min./max.

550/2600 mm       

550/3500 mm


Pressing height min./max.

400/2200 mm

400/2500 mm


Clamping pressure at 110 bar       

1050 kp

1050 kp



220/380 V

220/380 V



16 A

16 A






Total length

3300 mm

4200 mm


Total height

2650 mm

2950 mm


Total width

1100 mm

1100 mm



1100 kg

1300 kg

Frame Presses Type R4 - R5

Rammepresse R5

This pneumatic frame press is especially efficient for the pressing of window frames and casings. Kallesoe Machinery manufactures the press in two standard sizes, 2200 x 2600 mm and 2500 x 3500 mm (H x W), both fitted with 3 vertical and 2 horizontal pressing sections, but it can be custom designed according to your wishes.

All beds, retainers and pressing shoes are planed and surface ground. The pressure beams are easily adjusted because suspended and running on ball bearings. They are quickly loosened and fixed by means of handles and eccentrics. To achieve exact angles, the lower pressure shoes are fitted with threads allowing a quickly fine adjustment and final fixing with setscrews. 
The press is fitted with filter and lubricator.

Accessory equipment
Both types of frame presses can be fitted with extra pressing beams with cylinders for horizontal and vertical pressing. And they can be fitted with tandem cylinders doubling the clamping pressure.

Extra retainers to achieve a more convenient working level when pressing small frames can also be delivered.






Pressing length, min./max.

550/2600 mm       

500/3500 mm


Pressing height min./max.

260/2200 mm

260/2500 mm


Clamping pressure at 10 bar

700 kg

700 kg


Clamping pressure with tandem cyl.       

1350 kg

1350 kg






Total length

3400 mm

4250 mm


Total width

1000 mm

1000 mm


Total height

2600 mm

2900 mm



700 kg

800 kg






Air pressure

Min. 8 bar

Min. 8 bar

Special frame press with servo motor

Special Rammepresse 2 500X573

This frame press is specially designed to press window frames. The setting of pressure measures and the clamping is done by means of ball spindles with servo drive.

The two vertical ball spindles have each their servo motor whereas the horizontal clamping bearer is moved by two ball spindles driven by the same servo motor.

The frame press is equipped with an advanced PLC-control, controlling the automatic setting and clamping cycle on the basis of previously entered recipes/orders. The operator only has to load the four frame parts into the press and to acknowledge their correct position – then the press will press the frame together, place a nail in all four corners and lead the finished frame out of the press over a conveyor belt. Cycle time is 15-25 seconds, depending on the frame size.

The frame press shown on the photo is equipped with exit belt conveyor, four nail guns and a movable retainer on the left hand side (clamping from right towards left), but it can also be manufactured in a mirrored version (clamping from left towards right), without nail guns and without exit belt conveyor. And it can be equipped with a clamping bearer for vertical window posts (middle post).

A light barrier in front of the press ensures a safe automatic setting of pressure measures and during the actual clamping of the frame.


Pressing height min./max.       

550/2500 mm

Pressing width min./max.

450/4000 mm

Pressing depth max.

150 mm

Working height

1100 mm

Loading height

1400 mm

Clamping pressure max.

1500 kg

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