High frequency - full speed ahead!

Today, on of Kallesoe Machinery's big high frequency presses will arrive at the customer's works in Austria. The press will be part of a lamination line manufacturing glulam beams for the building industry.

This particular press is the first out of four that Kallesoe Machinery has on order. In August, the company will send two LHF pressing plants to a German customer in Rumania and at the end of the year, another Austrian customer will receive his plant. All four laminating plants are fitted with a 200 kW HF generator. The first three plants are optimized for the production of glulam beams whereas the last will manufacture window frame wood.

"Last year, the marked experienced quite a stagnation, so we are very pleased with having four plants on order already this year," says Bruno Kallesøe.


Photo from an earlier transport. The press is being transported to Austria on a flatbed truck.


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