Kallesoe Machinery A/S acquires Plustherm Point GmbH Wood Division by May 20 2017.

Plustherm Point GmbH is located in Switzerland and is specialized in inductive heating applications and especially in high frequency generators.

 "Throughout the past years we have been in regular contact with Plustherm Point GmbH, as they have some interesting products and competences which could be developed further in the wood industry. We believe that we can take this to another level in combination with our product folio", says Bruno Kallesøe, CEO at Kallesoe Machinery A/S

The market for industrial high frequency systems which are used in automation lines for specially glued products is globally growing and there is a worldwide demand for specialized competences and consulting in this field, Bruno Kallesøe continues.

"We are happy with the solution with Kallesoe Machinery A/S, because they want to develop and take care of our existing customers with professional solutions. We are completely confident with the solution that develops the industry and the end customers", says Juraj Tomljenovic, CEO of Plustherm Point GmbH.

The future production of the high technology equipment, generators and consulting will be taken care of by the specialists at Kallesoe Machinery A/S.

Plustherm Point GmbH continues their business unchanged with their products to other industries.

Plustherm Point GmbH Wood Division

Bruno Kallesøe, CEO at Kallesoe Machinery A/S and Juraj Tomljenovic, CEO of Plustherm Point GmbH

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