Technician follows saw line to Vietnam

Back in the beginning of December of last year, Kallesoe Machinery packed a complete saw line into a container and shipped it half way round the earth to Vietnam.

In the meantime the equipment has arrived to its destination and is being installed in the factory workshops. During February, a member of the electrical department at Kallesoe follows and makes sure that the new line is running properly - a task that will take the larger part of two weeks.

The saw line is a semi-automatic installation that will saw hard wood planks lengthwise.
The line consists of a number of lay-up and exit conveyors installed around two band saws: Two operators place a plank manually on the first lay-up table. Initially, the plank is held back by stopfingers while the operator chooses where the saw line is to be placed. The rest of the process is automatic: The plank continues towards a movable fence and is cross led and pulled through the saw. One part of the plank is led on, the other part continues to the second saw line where the same procedure is repeated: Manual choice of saw line position, then automatic transport, setting of the movable fence, crossfeeding and sawing. Finally, all pieces of the plank are led on to the same exit conveyor for further processing.
If a plank/board has to be cut up further, for example to be used as table legs, it can be led through the process a second time.


The Vietnam installation can handle planks with cross dimensions up to 60 x 300 mm and lengths of 3000 mm.

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