Kallesoe Machinery A/S - History

Historie 2 250X168From hobby to business 
It  all began as a hobby. In the basement of his house in Lem in Western Jutland, Herluf Kallesøe was manufacturing compressed air equipment on his lathe, but shortly after he took the big leap and turned the job into a full-time occupation. Kallesøe A/S was thus founded in 1969. The production of specialized air automated machinery, primarily for the wood industry, then started in rented premises at Lem Savværk (Lem Sawmill). In the beginning Herluf Kallesøe worked alone, but shortly after he had taken on six workers. After less than a year the first sod was turned on Bredgade 115, where the company still stands today.

New products and export
The Danish market was good, but also Sweden and Germany began addressing the Kallesøe products. In 1973, the first expansion therefore was done, and the first frame presses, smaller laminating presses and fork lifts were manufactured in the new building.

Herluf Kallesoe 250X178Particularly the frame presses manufactured by Kallesøe A/S had high potential, and from 1976 the hydraulic version formed a large part of the production. The exports of Kallesøe machines began to spread to the other Scandinavian countries in these years, but also the United States turned out to be a huge market for fork lifts. Many containers with fork lifts crossed the Atlantic in these years. The number of employees expanded as the factory expanded, and in the period 1975-1977 the number of employees increased from 6 to 27.

In 1984, the first through-pass laminating press (the LV-press) is presented. Kallesøe has great success with this new type of press, and the large market in southern Europe starts to become aware of Kallesøe’s products. In 1987, after two additional expansions, Kallesøe has more than 4,000 m2 at its disposal and has 38 employees.

A new generation
In November 1993, there is a generational change in the company. The daughter Lili Kallesøe and son-in-law Bruno Kallesøe buy the company from Alice and Herluf Kallesøe. 

In 1994, another successful product is introduced: the first high-frequency press for the production of glulam structural beams is manufactured. During the following years, a crisis in the wood industry makes Kallesøe extend its business to the manufacturing of specialized machines for other industries.


HF technology
In late 2006, Kallesøe takes over a Swiss company that has been Kallesøe’s supplier of high-frequency generators for the HF-presses, and this will constitute a significant part of the production.

In May 2008, Kallesøe expanded for the 13th time since its foundation. This time, two new buildings of each 1.100 m2 were added, bringing the factory to a total production area of 12.500 m2.

From Kallesøe A/S to Kallesoe Machinery A/S 
BrunoIn Mai 2010, there are changes in the ownership structure and the company gets a new name: Kallesoe Machinery A/S. In this way, the company will be even stronger in relation to the international market now representing approx. 85% of the company turnover. 

Having a new owner circle and a new name, Kallesoe Machinery is ready to meet its customers' high demands and the many challenges in the future, whether it comes to specialized machines and production lines for the wood, energy or industry sectors.


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