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CLT, glulam, solid wood boards, and more

What are laminated wood products?

Laminated wood products are made from single pieces of wood, called lamellas, that are glued and pressed together to create a mass timber product. There are many different types of laminated wood products. The press-lines that are custom-designed and made in our facility can produce CLT (cross laminated timber), glulam (glue laminated timber or GLT), solid wood boards, multilayer panels, and scantlings, posts, or beams. The laminated wood products are made by gluing and pressing pieces of wood called lamellas together based on the demands for shape, stability, number of lamellas, height, weight, and thickness etc. The way the lamellas are glued and pressed depends on the type of laminated wood product. As an example, the lamellas used in the layers for a CLT elements are stacked crosswise at a 90-degree angle and glued in between the layers, while the solid wood boards are edge glued and pressed.

Versatility and aesthetic

Laminated wood can be used for many things

Laminated wood products have a variety of uses. CLT can be used as interior walls and as outer walls or as floor separation in a building. Glulam can be used as beams or columns in construction. Solid wood boards are used for countertops, tabletops, shelves, and for other products in the furniture industry. Multilayer boards can be used for indoor wall cladding where it offers a natural look in the interior design. Other uses for laminated wood products are as framing for windows or doors.

Wood as a natural material

Advantages of laminated wood products

There are several good reasons to choose a laminated wood product. Most of them have to do with the properties of the wood. Wood is a natural material and as such it has several good qualities. It stores CO2 in the raw material and is therefore considered a sustainable choice compared with other materials such as concrete and steel, which is often used as building materials. Laminated wood has the advantage of being a very strong material relative to its weight, especially compared with steel and concrete, which is very heavy.

There a several reasons why wood is a great material to use in construction. Wood is naturally bad at conducting heat, which means that it has a naturally good insulation quality – especially compared with steel.

Fire safety is generally very good with laminated wood and laminated wood is one of the best and safest building materials. When laminated wood is exposed to fire what happens is, that instead of burning down, it chars. If a glulam beam is exposed to fire the beam will not lead the fire further. It is only if the laminated wood product is surrounded by fire, that it will burn. Buildings made with laminated wood products or mass timber elements live up to code regarding fire-resistance.


Kallesoe Machinery’s press lines

At Kallesoe Machinery we are specialized in developing press solutions for different types of laminated wood products. The laminated wood products that are made on our press lines are of the highest quality. In dialogue with our customers, we find the best solutions for their production needs, so they can make laminated wood products in supreme quality.

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