Scantlings, posts, and beams

Scantlings, posts, and beams are structural elements consisting of two or more lamstock glued together.

The elements are mainly used in window and door frame manufacturing, but they can also be made as duo beams (two lamstock glued together) or trio beams (three lamstock glued together) which are used in construction.

Below you can find information about system solutions and press lines for your scantlings, posts, and beam production.

References in the scantling, post, and beam industry

Many different uses

Door- and window framing

Smaller glulam beams can be used for different purposes. As an example, it can be used as framing wood for windows or as door frames. For certain construction purposes, smaller glulam beams have obvious uses – these types of glulam are often called duo beams, trio beams, or japan beams.

Wood is often used for window frames and door frames because the aesthetic is important and because the qualities of the wood such as durability, fire safety, and sustainability are good and important factors.

Quality products

Window- and door casing on a Kallesoe press

Kallesoe Machinery has several solutions for the production of smaller beams. One of the reasons for this is that the presses have a very high pressure which gives the surfaces on the products a smooth and uniform look.

With a Kallesoe Machinery press line, you will be able to maintain day-to-day delivery to your customers. We have engineered the machines in such a way that changeover to different dimensions and profiles can happen easily and quickly.

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