KMS Track&View - Total production overview

To optimize production, Kallesoe Machinery offers the software solution KMS Track&View which manages and monitors the entire production process.

KMS Track&View treats the data coming from the ERP system and it generates the necessary processes and working steps for the different machines in the production line.

With a visualization of the system, it becomes much easier to get an overview of the production. The central control also makes for an excellent use of human resources.

Valuable data

The system monitors and reports on every order. Every piece of lamstock and all end-products can be traced and monitored. From the moment the lamstock enters the production facility to the finished CLT-elements or beams leave the press, data can be connected to the product. All lamstock that belong to the same product are ascribed the same color in the software system. A label with data and codes can be attached to the final product, if wanted.

With KMS Track&View, all valuable data is secured, e.g. for process optimization or for entries to the log.

Easy and simple to use

The software is intuitive and easy to use for the operator since the entire production line is visualized, and status as well as placement of the lamstock, the beams, and CLT-elements are visible. The zoom functions with predefined areas gives the operator a quick access to an area in the production line. When the cursor is pointing on a laminated wood product a window is shown with details.

The details, the data processing, and the visualized information about beams or CLT elements can be adapted to your wishes.


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