Radio frequency technology

Kallesoe Machinery has many years of experience in radio frequency technology (high frequency). We are a specialist in the field and in making RF solutions from 10 to 200 kW.

We have a special department exclusively engaged in the design of RF systems. In addition to this our other departments engineer and manufacture the production lines and machinery to complete the full solution for our customers.

A solution with RF will ensure you have a very fast, effective, and controlled heating process with a high efficiency.

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Advantages of radio frequency

  • Uniform heating, which makes for a quality product.
  • Only material susceptible to radio frequency technology (such as liquids/moisture) will be affected by the energy. All other material will not be warmed and therefore does not need to cool down.
  • The processing time can be reduced significantly.
  • In most cases our solutions are energy saving. The radio frequency generator has a particularly high efficiency.
  • Ideal for a just-in-time production. As an example, wood elements produced in a radio frequency press do not need any resting time after pressing.

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