Glulam (glued laminated timber) is made by gluing several solid pieces of lamstock together lengthwise. This creates a solid beam with great strength. The glulam beams can be manufactured in a variety of sizes for applications where strength and durability are the most important factors.

Below you can find information about system solutions and press lines for your glulam production.


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Versatile uses

What is glulam/GLT?

Glulam (glue laminated timber) is a structural engineered wood product that can be used for different purposes, where strength and durability are important. Glulam can be produced in many different dimensions depending on what is needed. The primary use of glulam is for beams, but it is increasingly used as rafters and columns as well. When it comes to strength glulam can replace steel or concrete for many construction purposes and the natural wood has the bonus of looking aesthetically pleasing.

Quality solutions

Press lines from Kallesoe Machinery

At Kallesoe Machinery we have several press lines that can produce different types of glulam. We have presses that cure the glue with high frequency or with heat, and we have presses that in the same production line can produce different types of laminated wood products e.g., glulam and CLT. We always have an ongoing dialogue with our customers about their production needs, and we design and build the production line or system solution based on these needs. We always enter a close collaboration, and we are ready to guide you through the whole process.

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