Multi-layer panels

Multi-layer panels combine the beautiful look of the wood grain with great dimensional strength.

A multi-layer panel consists of 3 or more layers of lamstock glued perpendicular to each other with a total thickness up to 60 mm.

For multi-layer panels over 60 mm, see the CLT element.

These panels can be used in furniture manufacturing, as indoor paneling, for facing on buildings, as flooring and in construction.


Below you can find information about system solutions and press lines for your multi-layer panel production.

References in the multi-layer panel industry

Versatile uses

About multi-layer panels

Multi-layer panels can be used for many different purposes including furniture production, indoor wall cladding, floors and in construction.A wood wall offers a natural experience, where the aesthetic of the wood can be highlighted in different ways.

As an example of three-layer boards used in construction, you can check out this case.

Advantages for the environment and the homeowner

Wood as a material

From natures hand wood is bad at conducting heat which on the other hand means that it has good insulating qualities. This quality means that wood is comfortable in warm and cold settings. When compared with other materials that are frequently used in the construction industry such as steel, wood has much better insulating capabilities. This is a bonus for the owner of the building and for the environment since less insulation is needed, and less energy is needed when heating the building.

In addition to this wood is a sustainable material because it absorbs carbon from the air. Wood is a renewable resource which is why it is considered a sustainable choice of material.

Quality product

Multi-layer boards on a Kallesoe Machinery press

Kallesoe Machinery have developed press lines that are optimized for production of multi-layer panels – both with high frequency technology and with heat press technology. We are specialized in designing and making customer specific machines and production lines.

Whether you are interested in starting a new production or upgrading your current production, we are ready to help you figure out the product possibilities on our presses.

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