HF Technology

High frequency technology

High frequency (radio frequency) is radio wave energy. At Kallesoe Machinery, we use the authorized frequency of 13.56 MHz.


High frequency is generated when alternating current energy is converted into high frequency energy in a generator.

The energy generated in the HF generator is absorbed by materials containing bi-polar molecules, such as water, adhesive substances with water/liquid, or various plastics.

By using a material that is electrically conductive (for example water or glue), it is possible to create an oscillating process in which the molecules in the material are brought into vibrations.

During the oscillating process, the machine that is connected to the generator works as a battery/capacitor and thus brings the electrons into vibrations from plus to minus and back again, with a speed of 13.56 million times per second.
During the oscillating process, the molecules in the material rotate and this generates friction heat in the material.



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