Combi press for CLT and glulam production

The Combi press line for CLT and glulam is designed to fit exactly to your products and needs.



Glulam: (7.5 hours): 60 m³ - 180 m³ (2000 ft³ - 6000 ft³)
CLT: (7.5 hours): 30 m³ - 50 m³ (1000 ft³ - 1700 ft³)

Combi press

This efficient high/radio frequency production line with its special designed layup system allows the manufacturing of two different product types in one and the same system: glulam and CLT.

This enables an extended product range and increased capacity without requiring additional space.

The advantages of using high/radio frequency curing are short pressing cycles and increased capacity - the ideal solution for an order-based production.

The illustrated Combi press line handles up to 27 meters (88 ft) long elements. We custom design every line to the specific demands of the customer.

Read more about high frequency technology here.


The following presents three specific details of the press plant:



When manufacturing glulam, the glue is applied with a face gluing unit from above. The glued lamellas are cross conveyed one by one, turned 90º, joined and fixated in a charge.

Following this, the charge is loaded onto a belt conveyor which feeds it into the press.



When manufacturing CLT elements, glue can be applied to the edge of the longitudinal lamellas. The lamellas are cross conveyed to a temporary collection unit, where they are joined together and lifted onto a belt conveyor for adding more layers.

The charge is reversed under the vacuum gantry where the cross lamellas are positioned. Glue is applied between each layer with a full width face gluing unit. The CLT element can be completed with a second layer of longitudinal lamellas, or the process is repeated until the desired number of layers has been reached.


Glulam and CLT

The completed product charge is fed into the high/radio frequency press where it is pressed from the side and the top and the high/radio frequency energy is added for a rapid curing.


The illustration shows the possible minimum and maximum dimensions of the final product, but special customer demands can be implemented.


* depends entirely on the length of the inlet and outlet tables

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CLT System Solutions

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