Kallesoe Machinery A/S - Values

At Kallesoe Machinery A/S, we want to be proud of our firm, and we have always attached great importance to sound and reliable business principles. In the end, this is the best way for a company that takes pride in delivering products where quality and stability are not surpassed by others.

Kallesoe Machinery is characterized by a stable and determined management and with its 12.500 m2 successful production area, dedicated employees and 50 years of experience in the field, Kallesoe Machinery has created the basis for you as a customer to meet:Kallesoe Luft 1 350X234

  • thoroughness of the project planning
  • credibility in sales
  • safe and highly reliable solutions

Thoroughness in the project planning
Regardless of your project, we guarantee a solution in which every detail is thought of. All machines are manufactured following the specific wishes of the customer and are tailored to the physical limits of the works.

We believe that a careful preparation is the best guarantee for an unproblematic project progress, and during your co-operation with Kallesoe Machinery you can follow the project closely and will be kept informed at all times.

A never ending product development and focus on the implementation of the newest technology place our machines and production lines at the very forefront. You will get the most reliable and efficient solutions on the marked – and the most profitable products.

Read more about Kallesoe Machinery’s quality management here.

2 Tegnestue 350X237Experience, responsibility and flexibility 
It is important to us that every single employee feels that their suggestions for product improvements and workflows can be important for the final result. This trust creates a commitment to the work, and in the end it leads to the client receiving the most thoroughly designed and reliable product. 
The employees at Kallesoe Machinery are conscientious and know that delivery on time is important for our company. Therefore, a flexible attitude to working hours is an important part of our corporate culture.

Our machines are ready for the future
The success of our customers highly depends of the capacity on their machinery. That is why we constantly develop our product range and currently update and improve our production equipment – in order to keep our machines at the very forefront. 

A close contact to the customers gives inspiration to many improvements, each of which increases the production capacity.

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The environment is given a high priority
At Kallesoe Machinery, we give the environment a high priority – in the production as well as at each workplace.
Kallesoe Machinery constantly seeks an environmentally safe production, including the use of water based paint, and large parts of our energy consumption is produced by wind power.

Moreover, the correct arrangement of each employee’s workplace is an important part of Kallesoe Machinery’s policy, not least with regard to safe workflows and the enforcement of proper working practices optimized according to LEAN principles.

A Kallesoe Machinery solution is a reliable solution
Our customers say: Choose a reliable solution - choose a Kallesoe solution.

We have tried to live up to this since the firm was established. We are not known for being the cheapest manufacturer on the marked, but instead we have a unique reliability minimizing down time. All our machines are designed for production 24 hours a day, and the capacity is always as we promise.

You can be sure of an unproblematic production start-up when you receive new equipment from us. All parts are thoroughly tested before setting up at your factory. We never deviate from this principle.

Kallesoe Machinery specializes in flexible solutions adapted to the individual customer. All our equipment can be adapted to the customer’s premises and wishes.


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