The phases of the project

It is important to us that every single project meets its goals. That is why we follow a fixed procedure that specifies how every project is handled. We are here to guide you and your business through all the phases of the project.

You can read more about the different phases of the project below.

Consultancy and project management

Before we begin any new project, we perform an analysis of the project because we believe that a thorough and detailed insight into the customer’s needs is the best guarantee for a project without mistakes. The development of the equipment happens in close collaboration with our customers, and the customer can monitor the project closely.

We put together a team to follow each project and we make sure it consists of the right experts for the project. To guarantee that the solutions meet all the requirements of the project, we have developed a specific project management program, that ensures a high standard throughout the entire duration of the project – regardless of the size of the project. Through this program all decisions about the project can be traced and the customer can continually be kept up to date about the progression of the project.


Our engineering department is filled with skilled engineers that have an innovative approach to product development with an emphasis on quality. The customers can see the product in 3D which allows for the possibility to see all the details of the solution before it is ready to go into production.


All our machines and production lines are manufactured at our production facility in Lem where we have the full overview of the process and where we can guarantee a high quality. The production is optimized according to the LEAN principles which means that we have a great flow throughout the company allowing for a speedy production time.

The components of the production lines are made with precision equipment that our employees in the machining and smith shop are highly skilled in using.

Commissioning and testing

Every production line and piece of machinery is installed and tested in our assembly shop. We make sure all parts of the production line are thoroughly tested before the machines leave our facility. We do this to make sure that we’ve tested all functions of the production line and to make sure that the system is performing optimally. We perform this test according to a set procedure on all machinery before they leave our facility and again when it is assembled at our customer’s facility.

After the customer approves the production line in our facility, we take it apart and assemble it again at the customer’s facility. Our assembly team will not leave the customer’s facility until the production line is running smoothly.


The documentation department at Kallesoe Machinery delivers a thorough documentation and makes sure that all machines and production lines follow the standards of the Machinery Directive when they leave our facility.

To ensure a high quality in documentation, we have developed an online tool that makes it possible for our customers to get the latest updates, spare part lists, and diagrams. This online tool makes ordering spare parts more effective and it decreases the processing time.

Service and maintenance

We have a high functioning service department at Kallesoe Machinery that safely and effectively guarantees that our customers always have a production line that is running smoothly. The customer can always get the necessary parts on short notice. On top of that we have several assembly managers who are ready to travel to your production facility should that be needed.

Kallesoe Machinery offers a service deal, where we service your production line in regular intervals. We offer this to make sure that our customers get the optimal utilization of their production line in the many years to come.

Several of our machines are constructed in a way that allows for new developments to be installed on older machines. That is why a machine from Kallesoe Machinery is always prepared for the future and our clients will benefit from our continuous product development.

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