B press line for laminated boards

This high-frequency board press from Kallesoe Machinery is specially designed for the production of long and thick boards of high quality.

B presselinje_layout


(7.5 hours): 800 m2 - 2000 m2

B press linie

The high frequency press in this line cures the adhesive quickly and efficiently, ensuring a high capacity. At the same time, the high pressing pressure in the press results in a very high and uniform quality of the produced boards.
The high frequency method means that the board is fully cured and ready for further processing when it leaves the press.

As illustrated above, the B press line can consist of the glue and lay-up system KL10 and a high frequency press - but the line can be customized to fit your products and needs.

An option for the press is an automatic end straightening system that ensures a completely precise alignment of the plates when they are placed in the press, which eliminates the sawing of the board ends.

Read more about our high-frequency technology here.


The following presents three specific details of the press line:

B press_image 1_2Glue application

The glue application is done as follows: A push-in device pushes each lamella into the glue applicator.

Here they are pulled past a vertical, grooved glue roller and glue is applied on one side. The design of the glue roller and the glue pot ensures a minimum of waste and makes cleaning easier. 
A photocell automatically controls the glue admission to the glue pot.

Characteristic property of the KL10 glue equipment is that the lamellas are led directly from the glue applicator onto the feeding table in front of the press.

B press_image 2_2Lay-up table 

A movable retainer on the feeding table has been set according to the length of the lamellas, and several straightening cylinders see to that the lamellas are straightened continuously and correctly. A rubber brake ensures that the wood does not rebound during the process.

When a glued lamella has been led onto the feeding table (and is retained by the straightening cylinders), the glue application unit (the glue carriage) retreats by one lamella width, allowing a new lamella to be pushed/pulled into the glue applicator. This way the glued lamellas will find themselves side by side on the feeding table.

B press_image 3High frequency press

When a whole row of lamellas has been glued, they are straightened jointly. The retainer is lifted and the feeding table runs forward by one lamella length to make place for a new row of lamellas. 

Once the feeding table is filled the whole lay-up of lamellas is led into the subsequent press.

The press is equipped with a high performance and reliable high-frequency generator that ensures very short pressing times.

An option for the press is an automatic end straightening system at both ends of the press, ensuring that the lamellas are completely straight before the pressing starts. 


Standard available product dimensions are as illustrated, but the equipment can be optimized to fit your products and needs.

B press_plade dim


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