CW Press System for conical wane timber board production

CW Press System allows you to make up to 10 % better use of your side boards by maintaining their potential conical shape and wane edges.


CW Press System

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When the most regular parts of a log have been refined and e.g. used for construction or furniture materials, you are left with the parts closest to the bark -

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These parts often have wane edges and can be conical and are therefore not easily used in conventional production systems.

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The conic wane press system from Kallesoe changes this. Now even your wane timber can be added best possible value.

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The unique technology in the system automatically analyses the wane timber. It is measured, sorted, turned, glued

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- and pressed together to a continuous board that can be sawn into desired dimensions.
This product can be used for many purposes –

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- e.g. as middle layers in CLT elements.
You get an extremely environmentally friendly board that fully exploits the potential of the log.



CW Press System_3D layout

The following presents three specific details of the system:

CW Press System_description 1The system is able to measure the angles of the wane timber and from this decide if the timber should be turned - in order to get an approximately straight board in the end.

The timber is sorted into four levels according to their conical shape.
The system calculates in which order the sorted timber is transported to the glue applicator.

CW Press System_description 2Glue is applied to the edge of the wane timber. 

Leaving the glue applicator, the lamellas are cross conveyed into a magazine in which they are gathered in a charge.

When the magazine is full, the lamellas are led to a feeding table in front of the press.

CW Press System_description 3The glued lamellas are fed into the fully automatic press which consists of two parts: a high/radio frequency unit and a hot press unit.

The high/radio frequency energy targets the moisture in the glue which quickly heats up and cures from the inside.
The hot press section cures the surface of the board and the process results in a full through cured board in shortest cycle time.

Behind the press, saws can be installed enabling the cutting of the endless board into smaller units – both in longitudinal and transverse directions.

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