Apprenticeship at Kallesoe Machinery

Do you have the wish and the will to work in the machine industry? You have the opportunity to serve an apprenticeship at Kallesoe Machinery as a boilermaker, industrial technician, or electrical engineer.


At Kallesoe Machinery there are no routine tasks because they do not exist in our company. No two products are the same and that means that as an apprentice you get to try everything in the manufacturing phase. You get to follow the product through the entire production phase and most often you also get to assemble the machinery at the customers facility.

With us you do not get an education – you earn it. That means that you must be ready to accept the challenges you meet along the way. It is important to us that you take responsibility and that you are a reliable employee. In return we offer an exciting and stimulating apprenticeship.

Your time as an apprentice with us works in a rotation system where you in addition to your primary subject also get to try different shops in our production facility. You also alternate between your apprenticeship and classes at school.

We have a lot of experience and knowledge that we want to share with you, and we have a reputation for being a great place for education. Over the years about 150 people have served their apprenticeship with us (and at the former Kallesøe A/S).

Kallesoe Machinery is a part of the campaign “from after-school job to your futurejob” that focuses on young people in the local area and their education in the metal industry. Together with 15 other business we joined the campaign, because we believe it is important to give young people the possibilities to get a solid and exciting education and to show them that there are plenty of opportunities to further their education as a graduate engineer or engineer.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Kallesoe Machinery, you can find more information here. 


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