Second CLT-line to Hasslacher Norica Timber

CLT press to Hasslacher Norica Timber, Stall

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State-of-the-art CLT press

At Hasslacher Norica Timber in Stall in the Mölltal, they are very satisfied with their CLT press from Kallesoe Machinery – satisfied to such an extent that they have acquired a second one. This doubles their production. This huge increase in capacity means that Hasslacher Norica Timber will be able to produce about 80,000 m³ of CLT per year – which corresponds to 40 – 50 single family houses per week.

Like the previous press, this press will have a press bed of 3.2 x 4 m and produce up to 20 m long elements.


Source: Kärnten heute 20.12.2017


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