Duo XL press line for production of beams and solid wood boards

This Duo XL press line gives you a unique opportunity to produce long glulam beams and solid wood boards in the same press line.

The Duo XL press line is developed with a double glue system that can be added to the top and the side of the lamstock – which means that it can produce two products: beams and boards.

This allows for a wider range of products and an increased capacity without needing extra space.

The press uses radio frequency energy which means that the glue cures quickly, making the press cycle shorter as well while increasing the capacity.

Read more about the advantages of using radio frequency technology here. 

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Glulam production

The glue is added to the lamstock. The lamstock is then transported on a roller conveyor to the lay-up system.

The glued lamstock is then stood up and gathered on a conveyor belt where they efficiently are kept in place while more lamstock are added.


Solid wood board production

In the board production the glue is added to the edge of the lamstock by a glue roller.

The lamstock runs on a conveyor to the cross handler, that leads the lamstock to the inlet table. On the inlet table the lamstock are gathered and kept together until the batch is ready to go into the press.


The press 

The batch is led into the press. The press uses side and top pressure to make sure that the boards and the beams are uniform and of high quality.

The radio frequency technology makes the glue cures quickly and efficiently.


Minimum and maximum length, width and height are listed below – but we can make a press line that specifically fits your products and production needs.

Glulam beam

Length: 3,000 – 27,000 mm (9 ft 10 in – 88 ft 7 in)

Width: 840 – 1,280 mm (2 ft 9 in – 4 ft 2 in)

Height: 60 – 290 mm (2.4 – 11 in)

Solid wood board

Length: 6,000 – 27,000 mm (19 ft 8 in – 88 ft 7 in)

Width: 840 – 1,280 mm (2 ft 9 in – 4 ft 2 in)

Height: 30 – 150 mm (1,2 – 6 in)


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