Press line for a flexible glulam production

The Vario press is the flexible glulam press that works perfectly for the unique demands of order-based production. Flexibility is the keyword here.

The Vario press is the solution if you want a press line that:

  • quickly and easily can be adjusted in width to produce single glulam beams (down to 240 mm) and multiple glulam beams (in total up to 1280 mm)
  • can press glulam beams in different lengths in the same press cycle
  • can be semiautomatically adjusted in height so beams of different thicknesses can be produced.


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Variable width adjustment

The Vario Press is designed with extra-long side press cylinders so that a press width as little as 240 mm can be obtained (the minimum width of the standard press is 840 mm).

This feature enables you to handle small orders with few beams.

A small order can be followed directly by a larger one, where you can use the entire press bed and press multiple beams up to 1280 mm wide.

The changeover of the press width in this Vario press is simple and smooth, enabling you to produce order-based jobs quickly and easily.


Variable length of the beams 

Beams of different lengths can be handled in the same batch.

In the finishing press cycle, the beams are straightened and gathered before curing in order to fill up the press.

This way you benefit fully from your press and secure a quick production time.


Variable height adjustment

Kallesoe Machinery has developed a system that allows you to semi-automatically change the height of the side pressure plates and thereby reduce the amount of manual labor.

This solution also ensures a fast changeover between pressings and thereby a fast processing of orders.



Minimum and maximum lenght, width and height of the glulam beams are listed below – but we can make a press line that specifically fits your products and production needs.

Length: 3,000 – 27,000 mm (9 ft 10 in – 88 ft 6 in)

Width: 480 – 1,280 mm (1 ft 6 in – 4 ft 2 in)

Heigth: 60 – 290 mm (2,4 – 11,4 in)


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