Kallesoe Machinery A/S - Quality Management

Kallesoe Machinery A/S continuously target to improve its products, systems and processes by making a thorough quality management for the benefit of our customers.

We have set the overall goal that Kallesoe Machinery must provide a competent concept development, design and manufacturing of special machines – to ensure a functional and optimized product for our customer.

Quality management at Kallesoe Machinery begins during the development of the project and runs throughout the whole project.

Advising and project management 
Projektplan 200X169 (1)Before starting a project, we carry out a thorough project examination: We believe that a careful preparation and a detailed understanding of the actual needs of the customer are the best guarantee for an unproblematic project progress. The development of the machine is done in close co-operation with our customers enabling them to follow the project closely.
A project team is put together to match the particular project in the best possible way. To guarantee that the chosen solution meet all requirement, Kallesoe Machinery A/S has developed a specific project management program that ensures a high standard throughout the whole project process – regardless of project size. Due to the program, all decisions regarding the project can be traced, and the customer can be kept informed of project developments at all times.


Projektplan 200X169

The engineering and design department of Kallesoe Machinery is composed of skilled designers who have an innovative approach to product development and who attach great importance to high quality. The designers are working with modern drawing programs and all machines are developed and designed in 3D-programs. During the design phase, we can present the product to our customer in 3D, enabling him to see details of the product before it is actually manufactured.



Produktion 200X169Production
All our plants and machines are manufactured at Kallesoe Machinery’s works where we have a complete overview of the process and the product quality. Production is planned to achieve a good flow through the various departments in order to ensure a quick production time. The components of the machine are manufactured and processed using precise production equipment and by well trained and well experienced staff in the engineering department and the welding department.


Indkoring Og Test 200X169Running in and testing 
In our assembly department, every single machine is set up and tested thoroughly before leaving Kallesoe Machinery’s works. This enables us to examine all functions and to optimize the equipment before it is reaches the customer. Kallesoe Machinery has a set procedure for testing machines, both before shipping from Kallesoe Machinery and when it is set up at the customer’s works.
When the customer has approved the product at Kallesoe Machinery’s works it is set up at the customer’s works and our service technicians will not leave the premises before the machine is running perfectly.



The documentation department at Kallesoe Machinery provides a thorough technical documentation and guarantee that machines and plants meet the EC safety requirements when they leave our works. 
To ensure a high documentation quality, we have established an online option on our web-site, enabling the customer to download the latest versions of the documentation, incl. spare parts lists and diagrams. This makes for example the ordering of spare parts more efficient and delivery time is reduced.

Service_1Service and maintenance
Kallesoe Machinery has an efficient service department ensuring that our customers always have perfectly running machines and that they can get needed spare parts in short time. And we have several service men employed, ready to help our customers no matter where in the world the machine may be set up.

Kallesoe Machinery offers an after-sale agreement which arranges service visits at regular intervals. This ensures the best running of the machines for our customers, for years to come.

A number of our plans are constructed in a way that new improvements and optimizations can be installed on older machines. Therefore, a machine from Kallesoe Machinery is always prepared for the future, and our customers can benefit from the ongoing product development of all our machines.


Quality policy

Kallesoe Machinery must ensure that the customer:

  • meets highly qualified staff having great responsibility for the project
  • experiences a creative, flexible and dynamic approach to developing the product
  • receives relevant information on project development throughout the project
  • obtains a product that is fully optimized to his or her needs
  • obtains a product that is delivered on time and that meets all relevant safety regulations
  • gets an efficient after-sale service


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