Duo press line for boards and small-size glulam

This Duo press line gives you a unique opportunity to produce boards and small-size glulam in one and the same line.

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Small-size glulam: (7.5 hours): 25 m³ - 50 m³
Boards: (7.5 hours): 1000 
m- 2000 m2

Duo press line

The Duo press line is designed with a glue system that can both edge and face glue the lamella. This means that the equipment can produce two different products: boards and small-size glulam (up to 6 m).
This enables an expanded product range and increased capacity without requiring additional space.

The press uses high frequency energy, which means rapid cure of the glue and thus short press cycles and increased capacity.
Read more about our high-frequency technology and the benefits of using high frequency here.

The illustrated production line consists of a double glue applicator - with glue roller and glue nozzle, lay-up system (KL 80), high-frequency press, cross saw and stacks, but we can design the line to fit your products and needs.


The following presents three specific details of the press line:

Duo press_image 1Glue application

The flexible glue application system KL80 applies glue from the top (with glue nozzles for beam production) and from the side (with glue roller for board production).

After the glue application, the lamellas are packed and lowered onto the feeding table that leads the entire charge to the press.

Read more about the KL80 here.

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The press

The lamination press in this plant is a high frequency press. It is equipped with a high performance and reliable high frequency generator that generates 100 kW. The press is fitted with a number of power regulators that adjust the supplied power to ensure perfect curing of the glue.

The press is fitted with side pressure and top pressure cylinders, ensuring a uniform and high quality pressing of boards and beams every time.

Duo press_image 3

Saw and stacker

As in this case, a cross saw can be installed after the press, cutting the ends of the beams/boards and sawing the boards into desired lengths.

Furthermore, a stacker can be installed for handling of boards and beams - either for palletizing or for further processing.


The illustration shows the possible minimum and maximum dimensions of the glulam and the boards, but special customer demands can be implemented.

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