Q press for laminated boards

Q-press is designed to fit exactly to your products and needs.


(7.5 hours): 20 m³ - 60 m³ (1000 m2 - 3000 m2)

Q press


The Q-press is an extremely fast high frequency (radio frequency) press for board production.

Due to a very fast processing time and an efficient use of the high frequency energy, capacity is high and the potential for optimization substantial. When the board leaves the press it is fully cured and ready for further processing.

As illustrated above, the Q-press line can consist of glue and layup system, press and saw, but it can be adapted to meet special needs.

Read more about high frequency technology here.


The following presents three specific details of the press plant:

Q press_image_1

The lamellas pass through the glue applicator one by one. The glue is applied either on top of the lamella by means of a glue nozzle or on the side of the lamella by means of a glue roller, depending on the chosen solution – which again depends on the lamella dimension and your needs.

Leaving the glue applicator, the lamellas are cross conveyed into a magazine in which they are gathered in a charge.

When the magazine is full, the lamellas are led to a feeding table in front of the press.


Q press_image_2

The glued lamellas are fed into the fully automatic press which consists of two parts: a high frequency unit in front and a hot press unit behind.

The pressure plate of the hot press lowers to act as a backstop for the high frequency unit. Simultaneously the high frequency unit starts processing.

When the pressing cycle is completed the lamella line moves a step forward ready for the next pressing.

This process allows a production of endless boards which subsequently can be cut into desired dimensions.

Q press_image_3

The high frequency energy targets the liquid in the glue which quickly heats up from the inside and cures.
The hot press cures any surface glue on the board using the excess heat from the high frequency generator.
This process offers a fully cured board and allows an immediate further processing.

Behind the press, saws can be installed enabling the cutting of the endless board into smaller units – both in longitudinal and transverse directions.
The saws cut the boards to the required dimensions and can furthermore be used for trimming ends and sides - ready for further handling.


Standard available product dimensions are as illustrated, but the equipment can be optimized to fit your products and needs.

Q press_spec_GB

* width depends on the subsequent handling equipment


Generator: 80 - 200 kW

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Q-Press animation

 Q-press animation

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