Repairs & maintenance

Kallesoe Machinery has many years of experience in carrying out repairs, trouble shooting and rebuilding of machines and production lines, and we are committed to finding well-planned and durable solutions.


Extensive expertise and experience from repairs of any kind guarantee well thought out and durable solutions - whatever the task. Call us – and get an estimate for the repairs immediately.

We are offering to be in charge of all stages of the process: trouble shooting/inspection, design and manufacturing of spare parts, any purchases from third-party vendors, repair/assembly, etc.


We have more than 40 years of experience in the construction of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. That is why we can provide solid and qualified service for trouble-shooting on your equipment.


We have the experience and expertise when it comes to alterations of special machinery and equipment, be it optimization, improved safety or major replacement of machinery and production lines. Our employees have the necessary thorough knowledge and know-how – technical, mechanical and structural – to make any alteration.

Employees at Kallesoe Machinery are working every day with specially designed and unique machines, resulting in a solid expertise. 
This sound experience is also why we often can propose solutions that attack the problem in a way that makes the final solution better, cheaper and more durable.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss ideas and options for the repair and maintenance. Kallesoe Machinery provides competent and qualified guidance.

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