Duo XL press line for Ladenburger

Technical leader in Bopfingen, Christoph Ladenburger, with the Kallesoe press.

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Flexible production of different products

Ladenburger GmbH in Germany has installed the first of Kallesoe Machinery’s Duo press lines in their new production halls. The line can both face and edge glue the lamstock. This allows for flexible production of different products in one and the same line.

Short cycle times

Christoph Ladenburger is very pleased with the new press performance. The advantage of using high-frequency technology is obvious to Ladenburger: “The cycle times are considerably shorter” he explains. A charge of 13 meters will be ready for further production in eight minutes.Compared to other press types, this saves an enormous amount of time”, explains Ladenburger.

The lay-up system is designed for handling thick and long lamellas for glulam and boards. Ladenburger primarily produces duo and trio beams and their LSH product.

The annual volume will approximately be 80,000 m3 at two shifts.

Project management

Ladenburger is also very pleased with the project handling from Kallesoe Machinery. Delivery and commissioning was carried out exactly according to the schedule: “Kallesoe were the only plant suppliers who kept what they had promised. Set up, turn on, produce”says Christoph Ladenburger delighted.

His goal is to run the line with three employees per. shift. Depending on the market situation, the line can be extended. “We could add another level and install a second press on top of the existing one”, Ladenburger explains. From a current point of view – if we expand – our supplier of choice would again be Kallesoe.”


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Source: Holzkurier HK 40, 2018

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